Friends of Togo/Les Amis du Togo (FOT) - Togo

Project Goal: $12,000

Current Progress: $2,290 (19.00%)

The Friends of Togo/Les Amis du Togo (FOT) was founded in 1981 by returned Peace Corps volunteers who had served in Togo. It is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and has over 300 members.

The first group of 70 Americans volunteers traveled to Togo in 1964 to begin a 2-year commitment to the Peace Corps mission. Peace Corps' goals are to help the countries interest in meeting their need for trained people, to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans, and to help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of other peoples. Over 3,000 Americans have served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Togo over the past 60 years.

Peace Corps has been active in Togo ever since, as teachers of English, math, science, physical education and agriculture in the secondary schools, as construction workers building schools, health clinics, bridges and roads, as nurses and health workers, as environmental and ecological volunteers, gender empowerment and farming with oxen. 

Peace Corps volunteers serve at the request of the host country in programs and areas identified by Togo. In addition many volunteers have branched out to provide additional assistance and training in the areas of first aid training, basketball coaching, music, etc. wherever a need or desire was expressed. 

FOT has an annual Great Investments For Togo (GIFT) where funding is available for small-scale projects in Togo. FOT members submit requests for funding and once a year the members vote on allocating funds to various project proposals submitted.

Currently FOT has undertaken a project to provide French-language books for use in the schools and villages where Peace Corps volunteers teach and serve. The "Books2GoTOGO" project is raising the funds ($12,000+) to ship a container of books (22,000) to Togo in 2024. Donations are welcomed and can be made to the Friends of Togo organization. See me for details.

Marty Havlovic, President, Friends of Togo/Les Amis du Togo -