Togo Projects

Dalia Region Library Project - Togo

In the community of Dalia there are over 15 schools with around 2,000 students. The students have no textbooks and, outside of school, no opportunity to study or to read because of the lack of reading materials.  The students are ages 6 to 20 and receive instruction in French, English, and Ewe, but primarily in French. These students desperately need the opportunity to read books for their education, entertainment, and edification.

Books For Quality Education in Togo project (Mawuko-Kossi (Charles) Akakpo) - Togo

We want to create the libraries in remote places in Togo. The books and libraries are needed because in Togo, children living in remote places, the main users of the books, in addition to the teachers and any person who shows interest, do not have access to education. Those who have do not have quality education. They do not have books to read. Therefore, they do not show any interest in school education because it looks like a waste of time for them, and they are even encouraged by their…