Tanzania Projects

Books For Tanga Region II (Louis Brownstone) - Tanzania

The “Books for Tanga Region, Tanzania” project will supply text books and library books to primary and secondary schools located throughout the Tanga Region of Tanzania. Schools deal with an extreme shortage of books, often with a single book per classroom of 60 students and empty libraries. The goal of the project is to provide students with tools necessary to be successful in life.

Poverty Eradication Network - Trust—Tanzania

Poverty Eradication Network Trust is a non governmental organization formed in 2004, based in central Tanzania in East Africa. Our main focus is to serve the needy through education, nutrition and micro development projects. We do this through educational scholarships, construction of schools, distribution books and school supplies, formation of seed cooperatives and distribution of fortified rice meals.

The Elsey Kirabo Memorial Library Project

Elsey Kirabo was born to Ugandan parents (in the U.S.) and joined our (the Peterson) family as an infant.  She was born with "designer genes" (more commonly referred to as Down Syndrome). Elsey had an outgoing personality and the ability to make everyone she met smile.  Kirabo means gift in the Lugandan language, and she truly was a gift and a blessing to all who knew her in her 11 years of life.  Elsey was an avid swimmer and dancer, and preferred to go by "snugglebunny," "sweetheart," or…

Chamwino Library Project (Lincoln Law) - Tanzania

This container of books is needed to be used by students and teachers at four schools, Chamwino Secondary School, Chamwino Primary School, Kambarage Primary School, and Mkapa Primary School. he Chamwino Secondary School has a building that will be renovated and used as Library. None of the three primary schools have a building to be used as library yet - an area in chosen classrooms will be utilized as a library for the primary schools until a dedicated building can be constructed, giving…