Books For AAIU Open Library - Somalia

Meet Juweria Yusuf, a student at Aden Adde International University in Mogadishu, Somalia. Juweria’s dream is to become a medical doctor; she hopes that one day she will be an Obstetrician Gynecologist. She believes that being an obstetrician gynecologist will make a difference in reducing the high maternal death in Somalia. “Somalia is one of the worst places to be as a mother” She affirms, but like many other students in Somalia access to books and study libraries is a challenge towards…

Baidoa Public Library (New Horn Institute) - Somalia

The revival of formal education opportunities in Somalia is growing, but there are enormous challenges faced by those working to improve access to education opportunities for Somali children. Your donation of $1 contributes a book to the library, it will help foster a culture of literacy in Baidoa, providing educational opportunity for students in need. Thank you for your support!

Forgotten Children (Mohamed Dini) - Somalia

The Center for African Peace and Research is a nonprofit organization that works for education, health, and democracy in the Horn of Africa. We have been working to help the poor, displaced, and marginalized people in the East and Horn of Africa. For the last 30 years, these communities have not had any chance for education. illiteracy is the main reason these young people end up to the wrong places, such as involved in piracy, extremism, and as child soldiers. Youth is the backbone of these…

Books For Somalia (Mahamed Cali) - Somalia

Finally, Somalia is safe enough to work on education! Somali American Community (MN) is working with Books For Africa to bring a full 40-foot sea container of books to fill the shelves of libraries and schools that have been built around Somalia. The Somali-American community is helping to support this effort from the Twin Cities (Minnesota). Project representatives will be going to Somali-owned businesses, including the Somali malls, around the Cities to talk to fellow members of the…

Somali National University - Faculty of Education and Social Sciences - Somalia

Somali National University (SNU) is the only public funded university in Somalia. Before the collapse of the Central Government, SNU encompassed 14 colleges with 15,600 registered students and 700 academic, administrative, and service staff. Currently, the SNU College of Education is among the handful of faculties that has been re-activated and supported by the internationally recognized Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). SNU faculty of Education and Social Science  has the exceptional…

Fighting Against Illiteracy - Somaliland

In Somaliland, books are greatly needed. Reading, science, math and social studies books, e-books, computers such as; laptops, desktops and other educational materials are in need. The poor, school age children need to have text books in school to have access a quality education to become quality educators and be prepared for the challenges in life and to compete in an ever-changing global environment. One of the reasons why Somaliland's educational system is poor is the lack of access to…

Books For Somaliland (Karim Behi) - Somaliland

Beeyo Cooperative is a nonprofit organization.  We are seeking support for the shipping cost of books for Africa to Somaliland, these books are intended for the schools/libraries in Burao, which is the second largest city with a population of nearly 1 million. The books will be kept in a library, which will also be used as a distribution center, and will be available for use by schools, colleges and libraries. Contact: Karim Behi,

Beder International University - Somaliland

Beder International University (BIU) is located in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.  After the civil war in Somalia ended in 1991, the Somaliland education system has grown quickly.  In 2000 there were only two universities in all of Somaliland and as of 2013 there are sixteen universities in the country. It is our hope that these books will contribute not only to the education of BIU students but to a greater national initiative for quality education in Somaliland.