Sierra Leone Projects

Replenishing Libraries (Dick Simpson) - Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is still recovering from the devastation of a ten-year civil war. One-third of the country had to flee, thousands were murdered, as many as 10,000 had limbs chopped off in a most brutal manner, and child soldiers had their childhood and education stolen from them. In 2014, the country was hit with the Ebola outbreak from which it is still recovering. Improving access to books and to education is key to the future of the country.

Children's Village Library (Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy) - Sierra Leone

The first of a planned series of on-going project to construct farming-based preschools in rural Sierra Leone with sustainability at the center of construction, curriculum and farming has began in Mondema Village in Gorama Mende Chiefdom, in Kenema District. The most important and interrelated circumstances that influenced the project scope, is the fact that many of the children receive little or no formal education in village communities like Mondema.  Public schools are few and; they cost…