Hunmuani Alaga High School Library Project (Martin Akinseye) - Nigeria

Martin Akinseye invites you to help raise funds to purchase books to fill the empty shelves at The Hunmuani Alaga High School in Nigeria, Africa. The school just completed construction of a new library to serve their students during the weekdays, and books will be available to community members on weekends. Martin came to the United States in 1997, and has owned an African import shop, Simba Craftware, at the Midtown Global Market more than a decade.  He has also taught African-drumming lessons…

The Book Reach Campaign/SAVWIN (Miyausa Wayuta Mshelia) - Nigeria

The Book Reach Campaign for SAVWIN aims to set up libraries for 6 schools in the northeast of Nigeria, where attacks by insurgents have disrupted schools and their resources.

The Ibadan Library Project (The Librarians Educational Advancement Foundation) - Nigeria

Due to lean government allocation towards education  and the mismanagement of existing infrastructures, public school students are denied access to essential learning resources most especially books. Our desire is to therefore equip libraries in public schools within the Ibadan metropolis with books needed to support their education and promote the culture of reading among high school students.  This project will help to bridge knowledge inequality by giving public school students access to…

College of Education Warri (Dr. Dickson Oyovwi) - Nigeria

In order to have access to a wide range of information materials for our students the Books for College of Education Warri Project became imperative. This initiative is the brainchild of the Provost (Head of the Institution), Dr. Dickson Oyovwi in partnership with Book for Africa.