Liberia Book Project for Efficiency of Learning (Dennis Garsinii) - Liberia

Project Goal: $14,000

Current Progress: $1,156 (8.00%)

Elevation Book Project for Liberia is intended to improve the efficiency of learning for students, particularly those who reside and school in central Liberia as well as support research work. In past times, students in central Liberia, like their peers in other rural parts of the country have relied on mobile phones for school related research and school works. In some instances, this method no doubt is costly as students need data to use their phones  and in some cases, they either don't have the money to buy data nor phones that have internet capability.

Our goal is to set up a research library or reading room where the books will be available for research and school works. The facility will be useful for students, teachers and the reading public.

Contact: Dennis Garsinii,