Liberians in Minnesota Project (Tony Kona Fele/SAMDA) - Liberia

We are calling on all Liberians in Minnesota to help us take the next boxes of computers, science, math, English and literature textbooks to colleges in Liberia with your donation to Books For Africa.

Liberia Public Library Systems Project (INDESEEM, Inc) - Liberia

INDESEEM, Inc.  is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which focuses on research, development, and education. Our overarching goal is the establishment of the Liberia Public Library Systems (LPLS)  with the objective to open a public library in each county by 2030.  Our aim is to create partnerships that enhance our vision and goals. We will achieve this by assisting our partners collaboratively to achieve our global goals. With that said, we are proud to announce our alliance with…

Liberia Book Project for Efficiency of Learning (Dennis Garsinii) - Liberia

Elevation Book Project for Liberia is intended to improve the efficiency of learning for students, particularly those who reside and school in central Liberia as well as support research work.