Sarayi Africa for Ngaru Primary & Secondary Schools

Project Goal: $11,000

Current Progress: $1,175 (11.00%)

Ngaru Primary & Secondary School is located in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. It’s part of a vibrant rural community with young kids with great potential to succeed and change their communities. Your contribution will transform this rural community by ensuring that all Kids have access to quality books & education. The books will be accessible to all students in Ngaru Primary (coed PreK to grade 8) & Secondary (all girls grade 9-12) Schools. 


  • To increase literacy and develop a culture of reading
  • Improve literacy standards in schools
  • To increase the number of quality books & ensure accessibility to the same
  • To create well stocked library system - 4 libraries (2 for Kindergarten/Primary & 2 for the Secondary school) 
  • Support the transition to a knowledge-based economy
  • Community transformation 

With your support, the successful completion of this project will allow our teams to focus on the next initiative towards STEM education 

  • Provide well equipped science & computer labs (for both Primary & Secondary sections)
  • Improve the teaching of science and math
  • Improve access to technology courses & post-secondary school preparedness 

If you are looking for high impact project with potential to change an entire community please consider supporting us.

Sayari Africa for Ngaru Schools

Contact, Betty Maringa,