Rural Kenya Schools Libraries Project

Project Goal: $11,000

Current Progress: $2,295 (21.00%)

Rural Kenya Schools Libraries Project Education enables children to dream, gives them hope, and equips them with tools to achieve their aspirations and goals in life. In rural parts of Kenya, where there is no electricity, or it is too expensive to afford it can be elusive to achieve these goals. This is where the availability of books can bridge some of the hardships for the rural children and provide them some hope.

Numerous research studies show that children with access to books do better than those without and stable reading culture is recognized as a fundamental factor in quality education, however, reading habits in many Kenyan rural communities and other parts of East Africa are average at best and dismal at worst. Books give hope, provide entertainment, are a source of information, knowledge, and enlightenment. In rural Kenya, books are scarce and rare, and the Rural Kenya Schools Libraries Project is stepping up to give hope to the rural child by partnering with Books for Africa, a non-governmental organization that has provided millions of books to African children.

Rural Kenya schools Libraries Project would therefore like to appeal to you to help us speedily ship a container of books to needy children in rural Kenya. We need your help, feel free to donate whatever amount you can to the Rural Kenya Schools Libraries Project at Books for Africa. Please help get the books to the children who so urgently need them. We assure you that their lives will be indelibly touched.

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