Libraries for Kids Int'l (Roy Austin and Wanjiku Francis) - Kenya

Project Goal: $30,000

Current Progress: $750 (3.00%)

We take libraries for granted. For many, internet searches make libraries obsolete. What if you couldn’t search the internet? Where would you go to do research, learn more about a topic, or find recreational reading materials? This is the situation in many parts of rural Kenya and East Africa The mission of Libraries For Kids is to supply books to schools with little or no internet access in rural areas of East Africa to help those schools establish libraries broadening educational opportunities for their students.

To date, Libraries For Kids has partnered with Books For Africa to send 15 containers carrying over 600,000 books. These books have supplied 6,223 schools in rural Kenya, impacting the lives of approximately 1,550,000 children. Since Libraries For Kids' inception in May 2019, we have raised over $400,000 to ship these books to the children of Kenya.

You can view videos of our work on our YouTube channel!

Our future goal is to ship 30 more containers to Kenya. It costs about $25,000 to get a container to Kenya - $19,000 of this covers the shipping costs with Books For Africa. A further $6,000 covers distribution costs for our team in Kenya, as they stamp the books for noncommercial purposes, sort them by level, and transport them to schools on the back of a motorcycle. The ultimate goal is to supply books to all rural schools in Kenya - that's approximately 14,000 more schools, impacting 3.5 million more children!

Thanking you in advance for your consideration to our cause.

For more information about Libraries for Kids, Int’l please visit our website,, email us at or call Roy Austin at 843-597-4826. You can also contact our Operations Coordinator in Kenya at