Libraries for Kids Int'l (Roy Austin and Wanjiku Francis) - Kenya

We take libraries for granted. For many, internet searches make libraries obsolete. What if you couldn’t search the internet? Where would you go to do research, learn more about a topic, or find recreational reading materials? This is the situation in many parts of rural Kenya and East Africa The mission of Libraries For Kids is to supply books to schools with little or no internet access in rural areas of East Africa to help those schools establish libraries broadening educational opportunities…

Uamani Project (Giving Hands Nonprofit) - Kenya

Books are needed because students either don't have them or they don't have enough, and most students and even adults cannot afford them. They will be used by anyone interested from the community. Our goal is to improve education standards in the neighborhood by stocking the shelves of our new school library. The newly built library at Uamani Primary School will be stocked with books from this project We expect to see improved education/literacy scores at the school, and have more community…

Louis Brownstone Containers for Non-profits in Africa

Louis Brownstone is currently partnering with Books For Africa to fundraise for his fifth container to Africa. Louis has a history of working to bring books to non-profits that would not otherwise be able to organize fundraising for their own containers. He frequently travels to recipients in Africa to help with book distribution, making sure the books get into the hands of those that need them and need the access most.

Rural Kenya Schools Libraries Project

In rural parts of Kenya, where there is no electricity, or it is too expensive to afford it can be elusive to achieve these goals. This is where the availability of books can bridge some of the hardships for the rural children and provide them some hope.

Elgon Centre for Education Community Library Initiative (Abdulkarim Taraja) - Kenya

Elgon Centre for Education (ECE) is a registered not-for-profit organization that promotes access to education and reproductive health in marginalized areas in Western Kenya.