UNESCO World Book Capital 2023 project - Ghana

Accra, Ghana, has been named UNESCO’s World Book Capital 2023!  To celebrate, Books For Africa is raising $50,000 to send five containers of over 100,000 books to Ghana this year. These books will be distributed to children in schools across the country to support education and spark a joy of reading and tap into the potential of the youth population of Ghana.

J.U.M.P Ghana - Boots and Books - Ghana

JUMP Africa is proud to announce a partnership with Book and Boots to provide much needed Books and supplies (through Books For Africa) to the under served youths in communities across Ghana.  Books and Boots taps, nurtures and develops raw mental, recreational, academic and sporting talents. A basic discovery made by Books and Boots is that most children in deprived communities’ love playing more than reading because they see reading as a task instead of an activity that can be enjoyed rather…

Sanitation and Literacy Ghana project (Rosemond Owens) - Ghana

Sanitation and Literacy Ghana (SALG) is partnering with Books for Africa to raise funds to ship books to Ghana. Our mission is  to advance literacy efforts in Ghana by providing books and others resources to organizations and groups leading literacy efforts. SALG aims to improve the quality of education in Africa through the provision of literacy materials that enables students to acquire knowledge and achieve their potential.This is mainly due to a lack of books and resources. Strategic…