Agame Schools Alumni Fraternal Club (ASAFC) - Ethiopia

Project Goal: $15,300

Current Progress: $1,300 (8.00%)

Aiming to address the problem of shortage of reading materials in Adigrat city of Tigray State, we have launched this book drive and named it Agame Schools Alumni Fraternal Club (ASAFC) Book Project. We are looking to help student learning and empowerment by building an elaborate system of knowledge sharing and promotion of standardized quality education to the mostly disadvantaged and marginalized people. By providing appropriate book collections to under served and underprivileged libraries in Adigrat, we strive to promote library literacy and captivate a new generation of readers in areas where acute shortage of books is exhibited. Our campaign, targets the youth and disadvantaged sections of the society and we work to create possibilities for quality learning, improved academic performances, support research skills, bracket professional development and insure low attrition rates in schools that do not afford the cost of books. Our mission also targets teachers who are currently serving at different class levels. Providing better access to reading materials, references and elaborate text books, we intend to help them develop their world view and competency. The goal is to make sure that the teachers demonstrate a stock of knowledge where students can extract abundant skills and epistemic understanding of the lessons they learn in class room setting.

The books will be stored in four public libraries located in different parts of Adigrat city. Shelves and racks are prepared to be filled by books. Furthermore, the libraries are furnished with appropriate tables and chairs for immediate use. The book will be used by community, including students between the ages of 6 and 16. These grade levels, according to Ethiopian education policy, constitute the middle and high school level rankings similar to the US classification. Current statistics show that close to 60,000 students are within this range of grade levels. In addition, different university, college and technical and vocational education students are expected to use the books. The total number of students in these schools are believed to exceed 25,000. Apart from those who are currently in attendance, different sections of the people residing in the city and its environs will benefit from the books. This category of users also comprises another 25,000. All in all, more than 100,000 students are expected to benefit from the books directly with a multiplication effect double to the amount stated.

Books will be organized in several sections - Reference (academic) readers and audiovisual classifications. Distinct display shelves and racks will be prepared for efficient services. The books will be tagged with serial numbers in order to monitor their usability and track availability. Each of the academic/reference materials will be arranged by subject matters and grade levels.

Contact: Aklilu Reda,