Ethiopia Projects

Leadstar University College (Megan Gibson and JoAnn Palo) - Ethiopia

Leadstar College in Addis Ababa and Leadstar Academy in Shashemane, Ethiopia are amazing schools transforming the lives of many students.  Leadstar is producing transformative leaders through its training center in Ethiopia with a vision of making quality education accessible, available, affordable and achievable to produce capable and confident transformative leaders in all sectors of society.   Leadstar’s academic content is delivered through well prepared modules, intensive graduate seminars…

AASDO Mission–Library Development Project and Books For Rural Ethiopia Project (Dr. Abebe Kebede and Dr. Kebede Gessesse) - Ethiopia

The AASDO Mission 2009, 2010 and 2012 shipped about 44,000 high-quality books, 20 used computers, and other educational resources to schools in Asela.  AASDO 2012 was proud to make an arrangement to support University of Gondar and Gondar area schools. More than 5,000 books were shipped to University of Gondar.  the generosity of our donors made this incredible shipment possible, so thank you! Your donation to AASDO 2013 will allow us to stock the libraries of many schools that are in need in…

Agape Books: Delivering Hope - Ethiopia

At Agape Books, our work is driven by a passionate belief that we can alleviate the book scarcity in public and school library settings in Ethiopia. Our mission is to equip public and school libraries with a variety of quality books in order to enhance academic growth and development. It is the utmost belief of Agape Books that libraries are an integral part of educational development.

Partnership for Literacy – One Million Books for Oromia (Jote Taddese) - Ethiopia

A Minneapolis based East African community has partnered with Books For Africa (BFA) to organize a literacy campaign and bring 1 million English reference books to multiple communities, schools, and libraries in Oromia region, Ethiopia. This is a globally coordinated collaborative project that will help provide vital learning enrichment for students in subject areas of basic literature, math, chemistry, biology, physics, technology, agriculture, and health education.

EBS TV Helen Show project (Helen Mesfin, Asratie Teferra) - Ethiopia

Helen show is about celebrating and inspiring Ethiopians, Ethiopian -Americans and Africans by facilitating honest conversations and in-depth discussion to Inspire, Inform, Entertain, Educate and Empower viewers to transform and improve  their lives. As a result of a recent interview with the Washington DC Books for Africa Director Asratie Teferra on Helen Show, several requests have come from Ethiopia for book donations to their schools. In order to respond to these requests and allow our…