Partnership for Literacy – One Million Books for Oromia (Jote Taddese) - Ethiopia

A Minneapolis based East African community has partnered with Books For Africa (BFA) to organize a literacy campaign and bring 1 million English reference books to multiple communities, schools, and libraries in Oromia region, Ethiopia. This is a globally coordinated collaborative project that will help provide vital learning enrichment for students in subject areas of basic literature, math, chemistry, biology, physics, technology, agriculture, and health education.

Agame Schools Alumni Fraternal Club (ASAFC) - Ethiopia

Aiming to address the problem of shortage of reading materials in Adigrat city of Tigray State, we have launched this book drive and named it Agame Schools Alumni Fraternal Club (ASAFC) Book Project. We are looking to help student learning and empowerment by building an elaborate system of knowledge sharing and promotion of standardized quality education to the mostly disadvantaged and marginalized people. By providing appropriate book collections to under served and underprivileged libraries…

Books For Primary & Secondary Schools Found in Sidama Region (Mulugeta W/Tsadik, Librarian, Hawassa University) Ethiopia

Figure 1. One of the Primary School Libraries Situated in Hawassa City, Sidama Region, Ethiopia The main purpose of the project is to harness greater social responsibility towards developing technologies that provide a better quality of life & facilitating access to knowledge and learning, through valuable book donations from international partner Books For Africa (BFA).   It is a meaningful project, focuses on the United Nations SDGs UN Sustainable Development Goals: the Goal 04 quality

AASDO -ESAN Books for Ethiopia Project (Dr. Abebe Kebede) - Ethiopia

The AASDO Mission has been very active in securing books for schools in Asella-Arsi areas. Following this experience we expand our work to include many schools, colleges and universities in collaboration with the Ethiopian Scientific and Academic (ESAN) community.  The ESAN community members are spread throughout the world and will play a vital role in identifying needy schools and aggressive fundraising efforts. About 99% of the schools in Ethiopia have no library, and more than 57% of the…

Books Needed for School Classrooms and Libraries in Ethiopia (Maya and Maraki) - Ethiopia

Hello! Our names are Maraki and Maya, and we are sixteen-year-old high school students. Our parents are from Ethiopia, and we are currently living in the United States. After God, and our families, our academics have always been at the forefront of our lives, and we’ve been so blessed to have access to good education. But sadly, so many children across the globe are not as fortunate as we have been in this respect. And this pandemic has exacerbated the limited access to education that an…