Partnership for Literacy – One Million Books for Oromia (Jote Taddese) - Ethiopia

A Minneapolis based East African community has partnered with Books For Africa (BFA) to organize a literacy campaign and bring 1 million English reference books to multiple communities, schools, and libraries in Oromia region, Ethiopia. This is a globally coordinated collaborative project that will help provide vital learning enrichment for students in subject areas of basic literature, math, chemistry, biology, physics, technology, agriculture, and health education.

Bekoji Development Association (Sara Wordofa) - Ethiopia

This project is a multi-agency collaborative effort involving the Minnesota based NGO, Books for Africa, the Oromo diaspora, local education sector leaders, teachers, and local volunteers with the grand mission of empowering the next generation through provision of quality education.

Agame Schools Alumni Fraternal Club (ASAFC) - Ethiopia

Aiming to address the problem of shortage of reading materials in Adigrat city of Tigray State, we have launched this book drive and named it Agame Schools Alumni Fraternal Club (ASAFC) Book Project. We are looking to help student learning and empowerment by building an elaborate system of knowledge sharing and promotion of standardized quality education to the mostly disadvantaged and marginalized people. By providing appropriate book collections to under served and underprivileged libraries…

Partnership to Support Education in the Sidama Region (Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Hawassa University) - Ethiopia

The BFA-HU partnership project aims to alleviate the shortage of supplementary reference books on various subjects in primary and secondary schools in order to support the ongoing teaching and learning process in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The initiator of this collaborative project is Mulugeta Woldetsadik, librarian, current fundraiser and coordinator of the BFA-HU partnership project at Hawassa University, Sidama region, Ethiopia. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT The BFA-HU partnership project…

AASDO -ESAN Books for Ethiopia Project (Dr. Abebe Kebede) - Ethiopia

Communities of the AASDO Mission, The Ethiopian Scientific and Academic Network (ESAN) and now Ethiopian Educators Without Borders (EEWB)  have been very active in securing educational support for school, colleges and universities since 2009.  We have made successful shipments of books, computers, and supplies for a large number of schools in Arsi-Asela, in Gondar, Semein Shewa and Wello regions. Our community must wake up to the realities, that about 99% of the schools in Ethiopia have no…