Democratic Republic of the Congo

Books for Congo (Shannon O'Rourke Kasali) - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Children and youth in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo grow up with limited access to books. Universities have limited amounts of books available to their students. Public schools also have limited books and many children and youth miss out on the opportunity to increase their knowledge and explore their world through reading. Someone once told me that it is easier to buy a helicopter than a book here. Bila Elimu Akuna Amani (Without education, there is no peace) -

Girls Education in Kinshasa (Niclette Mundabi) - Democratic Republic of The Congo

Hello Friends,  As a devoted member of the Books For Africa board of directors, I continue to find ways in which we can positively impact the lives of children on the continent. This year,  for my 35th birthday, I will serve as captain for a container of French books which will be shipped to a girl's orphanage in Kinshasa, DRC.  By leading this project I wish to honor my Grandmother who is/was a source of my strength!  Towards the end of her life we were both living in France, during this time…