International Librairie d'Afrique au Congo (Jeunesse Ouvriere Chretienne) - Republic of Congo

Project Goal: $15,435

Current Progress: $3,086 (20.00%)

The books shipped for this project will allow recipients to learn and develop themselves in order to transform society, improving life in general, and especially to teachers, students and learners in the classroom or in their home.

These books will be used as a training tool in order to develop their skills, and are an indispensable tool of learning in the system of the education of a child. However in the Republic of Congo, the availability of the books remains a crucial problem without sustainable solution until today because pupils and teachers do not have enough means to buy the books which are essential to their education.

The implementation of a library in the Republic of Congo, specifically in the Pointe Noire city, will provide opportunities to the primary level, secondary, high school and intermediate level student to learn well and study. Also this library will promote English teaching at the public schools and with the community because Congo is a country where the official language is French. By doing so, the use of book in the training and learning English through this library will therefore be a learning opportunity to the Congolese youth.

Contact: Osckin Wences GANKOUE NKE,