Botswana Book Project (Andrea Malenya)

Project Goal: $16,000

Current Progress: $5,644 (35.00%)

Botswana Book Project proudly serves as a catalyst for literacy, education, youth empowerment, and library development throughout Botswana through the free donation of appropriate reading and resource books (new and gently used), literacy and education materials, and trainings. In the past five years, Botswana Book Project has distributed books and literacy materials, computers, and study solar lights, as well as masks, printers, sanitizer, soap, chairs, and bookshelves. They have also conducted library education and trainings to teachers, parents, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s / Non-profits). Botswana Book Project operates solely via volunteers and donations and has had the privilege to work with the Government of Botswana and NGOs in donating to pre-primary, primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary schools; clinics, and other education and youth-based institutions throughout the whole of Botswana.

To help Botswana transition to a knowledge-based economy.
To increase literacy and develop a culture of reading.
To increase number of books available and ability to access books.
To assist schools and communities in creating libraries.

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