Botswana Book Project (Andrea Malenya and Christine Loabile)

Project Goal: $13,700

Current Progress: $2,200 (16.00%)

Pam Shelton, a retired Librarian from Vermont, traveled to Botswana in 1997 where she immediately discovered the need for libraries and books. She established the Botswana Book Project in Maun in 1998 to answer the immediate library needs of Ngamiland District.

Since then, the all volunteer project has served as a catalyst for literacy and library development in schools and educational organizations throughout the country. Using her private vehicle, Pam has distributed books to the most remote area dwellers in Botswana. The project has now expanded to include books for local people with the theme "A book in every hut." Please help support this project which is so necessary to end the book famine in this country.

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