Law & Democracy Shipment History

Since 2008, the Jack Mason Law & Democracy Initiative of Books For Africa has shipped 140 law and human rights libraries to 25 African countries. All West core law libraries and human rights modules have been generously provided by Thomson Reuters.

Law Library Shipments and Recipients by Calendar Year


Malawi--Supreme Court of Malawi
Lesotho--Lesotho Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Sierra Leone--Supreme Court of Sierra Leone


Uganda--Uganda Women Lawyers Association
Uganda--Uganda Police Training Academy
Kenya--Kenya Attorney General's Office
South Sudan--University of Juba School of Law
South Sudan--Starford University Faculty of Law
Rwanda--Institute for Legal Practice and Development
Sierra Leone--L.A.W.Y.E.R.S. woman lawyers' organization
Ghana--Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice


Malawi--Directorate of Public Prosecution
Zambia---National Prosecution Authority
Nigeria--University of Bayero Faculty of Law
Nigeria--Veritas University Department of Law
Kenya--The Prosecution Training Institute of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution
Somalia---Somaliland Bar Association
Ghana---Ghana Judicial Service
Ghana---University of Ghana School of Law


Rwanda---Rwanda Bar Association
Nigeria---Chrisland University
South Africa---South African Women Lawyers Association
The Gambia---Supreme Court of The Gambia
Tunisia---Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis, University of Carthage
Zimbabwe---Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association
Zimbabwe---Law Society of Zimbabwe


Botswana---Supreme Court
Ghana---International Federation of Women Lawyers
Nigeria---Olabisi Onabanjo University Law
Sierra Leone---Sierra Leone High Court
South Sudan---South Sudan Bar Association
The Gambia---Justice Ministry


Malawi---Chancellor College
Namibia---Supreme Court of Namibia and High Court of Namibia
Nigeria---Nigerian Law School,  Abuja
Nigeria--Benue State University Law Faculty, Makurdi
Zambia---Zambian Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE)


Egypt---Egyptian Parliament library
Ethiopia---African Union headquarters law library section
Nigeria--Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Nigeria---Christopher University law faculty
Sierra Leone---Sierra Leone Bar Association
Zambia---University of Zambia School of Law


Cameroon---University of Yaounde at Soa, Faculty of Law.
Liberia---Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation and Grimes School of Law.
Mozambique---Office of the Attorney General.
Tanzania---Centre for Foreign Relations.
Tanzania---Parliament Library.
Tanzania---Open University of Tanzania, Faculty of Law, Dodoma.


Ghana---Supreme Court of Ghana.
Malawi---High Court of Mzuzu.
Malawi---High Court of Lilongwe.
Nigeria---Umaru Musa Yar'Adua University Faculty of Law.
Nigeria---Salem University Faculty of Law.
Nigeria---Edwin Clark University law school.
Nigeria---Delta State University law school.
Tanzania---Tanzania Library Board, Dodoma.
Tanzania---East Africa Law Society.
Tanzania---Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.
Tanzania---KWEICO -- Women Legal Advocacy organization.


Nigeria---Madonna University School of Law.
Nigeria---Abia State University School of Law.
Nigeria---Adekunle Ajasin University School of Law.
Nigeria---Women Lawyers Association of Nigeria.
Ethiopia---Debra Markos University School of Law.
Tanzania---Zanzibar University Faculty of Law and Sharia.
The Gambia---Legal Aid Association.
Uganda---LGBT legal.


Cameroon---Widikum Boffe City Council.
Cameroon---Bar Association.
Ethiopia---Dilla University School of Law, sponsored by Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines.
Ethiopia---Haramaya University College of Law, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.
Kenya---Presbyterian University Law School.
The Gambia---Gambia Bar Association.
Uganda---Makerere University School of Law.


Kenya—Kenyatta University School of Law, Nairobi.
Kenya---Katiba Institute.
Kenya---Pwani University College.
Liberia---Supreme Court of Liberia, sponsored by Ciatta Baysah and the American Bar Association.
Nigeria---Community Defence Foundation.
Somalia—Somalia Parliament, sponsored by Congressman Keith Ellison.
South Africa---Nelson Mandela School of Law, Ft. Hare, container sponsored by Thomson Reuters.


Egypt---Alexandrina Bibliotheca Law. 
Egypt---Government Collection.
Ethiopia---University of Dire Dawa School of Law, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Sponsored by Boeing and Ethiopia Airlines. 
Ghana---University of Ghana at Legon Faculty of Law. 
Kenya---Kisii University Law Faculty. 
Mali---University of Mali Faculty of Law, Bamako. 
Nigeria---Ebonyi State University School of Law.
Nigeria---Nnamdi Azikiwe University Law Faculty and Anambra University Law Faculty. 
Rwanda---University of Rwanda Law Faculty, Butare, and University of Rwanda Graduate Law School, Kigali. 


Angola---Ordem dos Advogados de Angola (bar association) and Agostino Neto University Law Faculty. 
Ethiopia---Bahir Dar University Law School in Bahir Dar province, Ethiopia. 
Ghana---Ghana School of Law at Macola, Accra. 
Ghana---Kwame Nkrumah University Law Faculty library in Kumasi. 
Kenya---Daystar University Faculty of Law, Nairobi. 
Nigeria---Faculty of Law, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. 
Nigeria---Abeokuta University law faculty, Ogun State, Nigeria. 
Nigeria---The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Somalia---Garawe, Puntland Legal Resource Center. Sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy.
The Gambia---University of The Gambia Faculty of Law.
The Gambia---Female Lawyers Association of The Gambia.
The Gambia---Human Rights Commission, Banjul. 
Tunisia and Egypt---Human rights texts hand-carried by Congressman Keith Ellison (MN). 
Zambia---University of Zambia law faculty.
Zambia---Zambia Bar Association.
Zambia---Women Lawyer’s Association of Zambia.
Zambia---Legal Aid Clinic for Women.
Zambia---Human Rights Commission.
Zambia---Land Development Commission.
Zambia---High Court of Livingston.
Zambia---High Court of Kabwe.
Zambia---High Court of Ndola.
Zambia---High Court of Kitwe. 


Ethiopia---American Bar Association program; libraries for 2 university law faculty. Sponsored by the American Bar Association. 
Ghana---Ghana Bar Association; Human Rights Commission. Sponsored by the National Bar Association. 
Liberia---Parliament of Liberia. Sponsored by the National Democratic Institute. 
Malawi---University of Malawi law faculty. 
Malawi---Human Rights Commission.
Nigeria---University of Nigeria at Nsukka law faculty. 
South Sudan---University of Juba law faculty. 
Zimbabwe---University of Zimbabwe law faculty.
Zimbabwe---Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.
Zimbabwe---Bar Association.
Zimbabwe---Legal Resources Foundation.
Zimbabwe---Women's Law Institute.
Zimbabwe---High Court.
Zimbabwe---Peacebuilding & Capacity Development Foundation.


Cameroon---Community and Legal Resource Center. Sponsored by the Fomunyoh Foundation. 
Ethiopia---Ghimbi Community and Legal Library. Sponsored by the Greater Ghimbi Development Association. 
Sierra Leone---School of Law. Sponsored by the American Bar Association. 
Tanzania---University of Dar es Salaam law faculty, Mzumbe University law faculty; Open University law faculty; Military Academy; Attorney General’s Chambers; High Court; Court of Appeals; Commission on Good Governance and HR.


Liberia---Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia. Sponsored by the American Bar Association. 
Rwanda---National University law faculty.  
Tanzania---Iringa University law faculty. Sponsored in his memory by friends of Judge David Doyscher.

Law Libraries Shipped by Country

Angola -- 2
Botswana -- 1
Cameroon -- 4
Egypt -- 3
Ethiopia -- 9
Ghana -- 10
Kenya -- 7
Lesotho -- 1
Liberia -- 4
Malawi -- 7
Mali -- 1
Mozambique -- 1
Namibia -- 2
Nigeria -- 24
Rwanda -- 7
Sierra Leone -- 5
Somalia -- 3
South Africa -- 2
South Sudan -- 4
Tanzania -- 17
The Gambia -- 7
Tunisia -- 2
Uganda -- 4
Zambia -- 13
Zimbabwe -- 9