Cameroon Projects

Municipal & School Library Development in Rural Adamawa (Peace Corps Cameroon) - Cameroon

The rural Adamawa suffers from a severe book drought and many view access to books as a privilege of the wealthy.  The majority of the population lives in poverty and struggle to cover schools fees required for their children to attend classes. Students are expected to study complex languages and subjects without access to reading materials, since their parents are unable to afford them. Due to the book drought, many students fail their levels repeatedly before eventually dropping out of school.…

Drops of Hope (Jump - Baobab One Voice, Africa of Tomorrow/The Roger Bogne Foundation) - Cameroon

BAOBAB ONE VOICE in partnership with JUMP and BOOKS FOR AFRICA is aiming at assisting local schools and institutions to acquire books and therefore lower the burden of Cameroonians to access knowledge.  The container we are shipping at this time, is going to be split between 13 Cameroonian schools around the city of Ngaoundere, and the Ekounou High school in the city of  Yaoundé.  Addressing the books deficit on our continent is a significant feat, but together we can make it happen. We…

Buea Book Project (Molly Rolfsmeier) - Cameroon

The Buea Book Project is excited to work with Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), a new university in Buea, Cameroon, to build their first library. CUIB is an exciting place to study, combining academic and entrepreneurial business education while keeping a focus on ethics. They are open to students of any faith and are dedicated to future of Cameroon.