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Book by Book Literacy Project (Peace Corps Uganda) - Uganda

Project Goal: $20,000

Current Progress: $9,046 (45.00%)

Project Start: 09/01/2015

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All children are born with the right to a quality education and the Book by Book Literacy Project is committed to ensuring the students at our schools receive the education they deserve. Not only will this project put the world in the hands of deserving students, each donation inspires intercultural exchange and empowers individuals to educate themselves. As Nelson Mandela said, “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” We invite you to join us in changing the world for over 20,000 students. Please support our initiative to build literacy in Uganda, one book at a time.

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Books for Northern Uganda Schools - Uganda

Project Goal: $13,500

Current Progress: $8,602 (64.00%)

Project Start: 09/01/2010

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A brutal 20-year war in Northern Uganda that started in 1986 displaced over two million people from their traditional villages to squalid displacement camps. The worst effects of this war have been on children and youth. More than 30,000 children were abducted and forced into child soldiering. Northern Ugandan communities were caught in the middle; several hundred thousand people died, tens of thousands of women were raped and mutilated, and hundreds of thousands of children were orphaned. Infrastructure, including schools, clinics and agricultural systems, were destroyed. The war ended in 2006. Since then, people have returned to their ancestral villages and Northern Uganda has been reconstructing.  Throughout Uganda, children and youth are avid learners and eager readers, but in Northern Uganda, many schools lack sufficient text books and libraries for quality education. UMECS and Nyumburu Cultural Center  have committed to change that situation through a Books for Northern Uganda Schools Campaign that will help to transform learning and student performance in multiple secondary schools in Northern Uganda.

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Books For Uganda's Orphans: One for Two project (Seth Eggessa) - Uganda

Project Goal: $25,500

Current Progress: $7,637 (30.00%)

Project Start: 11/01/2014

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Help BFA Board Member Seth Eggessa bring smiles, hope and access to knowledge to orphans in Uganda through the gift of books. In Uganda, an estimated 1.65 million kids are orphaned by abandonment, HIV/AIDS and poverty. We can help intervene in order to make sure these children gain the power of literacy and receive a quality education.

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Community Library for Masaka District (Ugandan Rural Community Support Foundation) - Uganda

Project Goal: $12,500

Current Progress: $9,842 (79.00%)

Project Start: 06/01/2015

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The Ugandan Rural Community Support Foundation (URCSF) would like to establish a library for the thousands of the people who live in the villages in the Masaka and Rakai districts of Masaka, Uganda. Currently residents have little to no access to books, including the dozens of schools in this area. Most African children who do attend school have never owned a book of their own. In most case 10-20 students share one book at school, as not one of the dozens of schools has access to a library. Residents aged 6 to 96 here cherish learning to read and write, both of which are done in English.

Your support can help make this goal a reality.  Please click 'donate now' to sponsor books to the Masaka District of Uganda!

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Uganda School for the Deaf (Jim Radosevich) - Uganda

Project Goal: $14,000

Current Progress: $6,750 (48.00%)

Project Start: 06/01/2013

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The deaf community and especially deaf children are amongst the most underserved populations in Africa. While the entire African continent suffers from a book famine, deaf children are especially malnourished when it comes to books. Many of these deaf students go from grades K-12, and never touch a book. While this would be bad for any child, it is particularly hard on deaf children as they are so reliant on visual ques. 

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Make no mistake, there are hundreds and thousands of people [in Africa], young and old, who aspire to an education so that they can become their own agents of change and lead themselves out of the trap of poverty that has kept them down for much too long.

- His Excellency Welile Nhlapo, South African Ambassador to the U.S.
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