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InAble/Our Reading Spaces Library Project (Jean Adero) - Kenya

Project Goal: $9,800

Current Progress: $2,686 (27.00%)

Project Start: 12/01/2011

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Imagine life without access to books for leisure reading or learning… unimaginable, right? That is the story of the lives of the children in Kisumu, Karateng’ – Kenya. The majority of the 10,000 primary and secondary school children do not have access to reading material outside of their core curricula – and even access to school books is a problem. To end this crisis, the local community in Karateng’ in conjunction with Our Reading Spaces have banded together to open their first community library.

Karateng’ kids and community discussing plans for their future library.

When asked about how a library would change their lives, many of the kids in the villages said that it would help them achieve their educational goals, or that they would improve their reading and writing skills. The favorite response came from Benjamin who said, “Reading will help me travel the world without getting into an airplane.” A local family has donated the land and the house to be used as a library, and has committed to furnishing it. Please lend a hand by donating towards the shipment of 22,000 books – so that the community in Kisumu, Karateng’ can travel the world!

For details, please contact Jean Adero at (404) 510-1909 or, or visit

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Make no mistake, there are hundreds and thousands of people [in Africa], young and old, who aspire to an education so that they can become their own agents of change and lead themselves out of the trap of poverty that has kept them down for much too long.

- His Excellency Welile Nhlapo, South African Ambassador to the U.S.
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