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Operation Gusii Books II (Paul Morande) - Kenya

Project Goal: $15,500

Current Progress: $2,786 (18.00%)

Project Start: 02/01/2013

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Minnesota Kenyans International Development Agency (MKIDA)’s mission is to help improve education standards, health, and economic development of rural Kenya. MKIDA recognizes that education is the most powerful tool that can be employed to develop and improve the standards of Kenya’s rural communities.

These Borangi Primary School students and their teacher received BFA books from the first MKIDA project. Many more books are needed for Gusii's rural students!

For many years, Gusii Kenya’s rural schools have severely been underperforming in national examinations as compared to other schools in the region and Kenya as a whole. To improve education standards, book reading is a sure way to encourage good academic performance as well as provide entertainment to school students. Through the encouragement of reading, MKIDA hopes to improve the quality of education, student performance in national examinations, increase number of students going for higher education, and result in development of the rural economy.

To support and contribute to better Gusii rural schools’ performance, MKIDA has embarked on “Operation Gusii Books,” a project to secure and supply books to Gusii rural schools. MKIDA seeks the support of all well wishers and donors, in-kind donations of books and shipping funds, so that one book at a time, one dollar at time, we together can give a child a book to read.

Contact: Paul Morande,

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Make no mistake, there are hundreds and thousands of people [in Africa], young and old, who aspire to an education so that they can become their own agents of change and lead themselves out of the trap of poverty that has kept them down for much too long.

- His Excellency Welile Nhlapo, South African Ambassador to the U.S.
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