Rava Book Project (Alfred Munonyara) - Zimbabwe

Project Goal: $16,000

Current Progress: $1,790 (11.00%)

Zimbabwe schools authorities have introduced a new educational curriculum starting in 2018 that requires new resources in form of books, however these are set core curriculum books and there are no resources to purchase supplementary books that are critical to enhance the student wide learning needs that is outside the set core books.

Since the efforts that was taken by Rava Zimbabwe Rava Trust in 2016 to bring supplementary books, the project has proved very useful, with authorities complimenting these books. There is overwhelming demand from both students and teachers to receive such books.  This project will deliver 22,000 high quality books to students in Zimbabwe who need them.  Thank you for your support!

Contact: Alfred Munonyara, Founder, info@ravazimrava.com