St. Francis de Sales Secondary School Library Project (Fr. Robert Soosai Raju) - Uganda

Project Goal: $15,500

Current Progress: $2,500 (16.00%)

St. Francis de Sales Secondary School in Iyolwa, Tororo, Uganda is a school where young boys and girls pursue their secondary school education, while receiving holistic formation. In academic year 2020, enrolment at the school was 782. The school was established in 2017 with a view to helping the poor children in the village Iyolwa, and its surrounding places. In the entire sub county, there were no secondary schools, and Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, with the help of their friends, and agencies from Europe and the U.S., have established this school for the economically backward boys, and girls. 

A current need of the St. Francis de Sales Secondary School is books for school library. Given the importance of books for boys and girls, to cultivate the habit of reading, and to encourage them to have possibility of access to various books gives the opportunity to fulfill the primary goal of giving them holistic education. The books will help the students to use them in their free time and widen the knowledge level to more than what is given by the teacher in class. Given the changes in world history, politics and science and resultant changes in the school’s curriculum, the school library books will guarantee the continued provision of quality secondary school education at St. Francis de Sales Secondary School. the books will be used by the all the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of St.Francis de Sales Secondary School.

Contact: Fr. Robert Soosai Raju,