Sembabule Book Project (Paul Musherure) - Uganda

Project Goal: $14,800

Current Progress: $4,740 (32.00%)

Sembabule is a district in Central Uganda. It is a rural area with a population of about 252,000 (estimate 2014) with a growth rate of 2 percent. The literacy of the district is lower that the national literacy rate of 72%. (2014)

The majority of the population are under the age of 15 years. This project is focusing on Kawanda C.O.U. Senior Secondary school and its related Primary School. The students here mostly come from Sembabule district.

The school was started in 2005 as a community co-ed school. In 2009 it was absorbed into the local government education department. The secondary school has 340 students. They have a small library as shown in the picture below. They have a teacher responsible for the small library with about 5000 and they are making efforts to create a reading culture in the students.

This project will greatly improve access to good books from the elementary and secondary levels for the school and for the district too...and reward the efforts of the teachers.

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