Ellothyebooks (Hezouwe Moise AKEBIM) - Togo

Project Goal: $11,000

Current Progress: $6,286 (57.00%)

Two villages to benefit from the books have different stories. Ketao and Kemerida are geographically located in the north-eastern part of Togo, bordering with Benin. And schools are not equipped with libraries and other facilities to help them. Some students abandon school to be porters in Benin, or go to Nigeria. Many of those who stay and continue schooling perform poorly and those who succeed in graduating have lacks due to lack of reading.

This project will include one community library to be set up in each village, as well as a mobile library to be set up at Ketao, which will be moving periodically to villages and schools for books festival and reading sessions competitions combined with accessing justice and rights education.

As for Dereboua, it is a village where villagers manage to have their children educated by supporting volunteer teachers. The rare building of the school are made of mud and all roofed with twitch-grasses and palm trees branches.

With Global Alumni Association of Togo (GAAT) we are help them to build a school and support pupils. Books for these communities will be a good asset and a banner of hope for children and teachers, and even literate parents.