Poverty Eradication Network - Trust—Tanzania

Project Goal: $24,000

Current Progress: $1,043 (4.00%)

Poverty Eradication Network Trust is a non governmental organization formed in 2004, based in central Tanzania in East Africa. Our main focus is to serve the needy through education, nutrition and micro development projects. We do this through educational scholarships, construction of schools, distribution books and school supplies, formation of seed cooperatives and distribution of fortified rice meals.

PEN Trust has been a recipient of over 100,000 books from Books For Africa since 2004. These books have been distributed to public libraries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as well as specialized groups such as orphanages, hospitals and technical schools.

Current needs include overseas shipping expenses, port handling fees and inland transportation to rural designees. PEN Trust invites you to partner with us to serve the needy. Participatory visits, financial and in-kind donations are most welcome. For more information, please contact our website at www.pentrust.org.

Poverty Eradication Network - PEN Trust
"Serving the People of Central Tanzania"
P.O. Box 831
Dodoma, Tanzania, East Africa