Beder International University - Somaliland

Project Goal: $12,000

Current Progress: $1,990 (17.00%)

Beder International University (BIU) is located in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.  After the civil war in Somalia ended in 1991, the Somaliland education system has grown quickly.  In 2000 there were only two universities in all of Somaliland and as of 2013 there are sixteen universities in the country. It is our hope that these books will contribute not only to the education of BIU students but to a greater national initiative for quality education in Somaliland.

BIU is a communal and non-profit university, accredited by the Somaliland Ministry of Education and Higher Studies. The main objective of BIU is to address the educational needs of society in the Horn of Africa at large, particularly Somaliland. It currently offers different programs in the fields of Islamic economics and banking, accounting, economics, modern management, leadership, Shari’ah, and business administration. The mission of BIU is to attain quality and distinctiveness in teaching and research for producing graduates with sound proficiency knowledge, good moral character, a wholehearted sense of social responsibility and a passion for lifelong learning.

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