French Books to Diomkhel Village (Gie Le Bon Samaritain) - Senegal

Project Goal: $10,000

Current Progress: $2,310 (23.00%)

Diomkhel is a village. It is surrounded by other villages to such an extent that it is in the center. In this way, whatever set up in Diomkhel will be helpful for the other villages. So one community library will receive books in the container but the library will open its doors to 4 primary schools around: Diomkhel, Tock Ngol, Thiouthioune, Lagnar, Ngohé and the Junior High School in the community. All these schools listed will benefit from the library.

The students study in very difficult conditions and their parents are uneducated peasants, not to be able to support their kids in the studies. I noticed a very big gap or discrepancy between the students who have access to a library and internet and the students who have no means to improve their level through a library.

I hope to see the culture of books takes place in my village once the books from BFA are in the village. When I was a student at Junior High School, I had problems with my speech. Whenever I open my mouth to utter words, I had no ideas to share. But through reading I have gained what nothing else could offer me. Through my readings, I acquire a taste for the studies. 

As the saying goes: When a an old man in a village dies, it's a whole library which burns up. I want all the students, boys and girls to become library rats. Because what sport can do for our physical nature, reading can do the same for our spirit. So reading is for the spirit what sport is for the body. The most important goal for my book project with BFA, is to equip students with materials in order to pursuit their studies. While reading, students develop many skills. They will improve their level in all the subjects through reading. It's the basics.

There is an interconnection between the subjects. And upon reading lies the foundation of what we want to build. In a nutshell, there is nothing like reading.

Contact: Abel Sarr,