TimeOn Kairos Educational and Vocational Institution - Nigeria

Project Goal: $16,000

Current Progress: $1,010 (6.00%)

In 2016, over two million young school leavers (i.e. high school graduates) sat for the college entrance test in Nigeria. Less than 800,000 received admissions. This current year (2018), most qualified students will not receive admission for lack of space. Hence there will continue to be many students roaming the streets and languishing at home because they cannot receive admission to institutions of higher learning.

Our organization's missions direct us to be part of the solution. We are providing opportunities for some of these students to acquire much sought higher education by establishing the schools that are needed, namely TimeOn KAIROS Polytechnic and Professional Institute (TKPPI) and its sister school the TimeOn KAIROS Educational and Vocational Institute (www.tkevi.edu.ng).

As an institution of higher learning aiming to provide the highest quality education, there are some necessities that are mandatory, such as books, training equipment, tools, and other resources. Therefore we are building a library for science, engineering, and business, and entrepreneurship education. Our departments include computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, information and communication technology, business, accountancy, and entrepreneurial studies.

To build our library, we have approached Books for Africa for help. Your donation to this project will be an investment towards educating young Nigerians who are students at our school. These students will be users of the library and the library will also be open to other members of the community.  Thank you for your support!