Music Loves Math (Joseph Ghartey) - Ghana

Project Goal: $10,300

Current Progress: $1,820 (18.00%)

Music Loves Math (MLM) completed construction of a library and computer lab in Abaka, Ghana, which is near the city of Cape Coast.  The MLM Library will service over 1,000 grade school and middle school aged students in the region.  

There is no public library within 20 miles of Abaka and the grade schools have no access to reading or text books for their children.  The MLM library will act as the main library for all of the schools in the area.  We will have a full time librarian who will assist the teachers in the partner schools.  We are also including in our order from Books for Africa, a few pallets of text books for the schools, which will be given directly to the partner schools.   

Contact: Joseph Ghartey,