Furtu Barnoota Project: Books and Supplies for Classrooms & Libraries (Rufo Jiru) - Oromia, Ethiopia

Project Goal: $19,300

Current Progress: $15,050 (78.00%)

My project is to provide education resources For Adaba, Hasasa, and Dodola area Schools. Furtu Banroota Project stands to accomplish a new project of Books & Supplies for Classrooms and Libraries in Oromia Regions-Ethiopia. This project is to ship educational books and supplies in partnership with the Books for Africa (BFA).

The following beneficiary schools are the main center where the books and supplies will be

distributed to be used by the Adaba, Hasasa, and Dodola school communities.

  • Adaba High School, 9th -12th grade (Adaba)
  • Haroo Hunxe Elementary School, 1st -6th grade (Adaba)
  • Leliso Middle School, 1st -8th grade (Adaba)
  • Chumulugo Elementary School, 1st -6th grade (Adaba)
  • Aluma Shifa Middle School, 1st – 8th grade (Adaba)
  • Bucha Raya Middle School, 1st-8th grade (Adaba)
  • Gaama Wollaale Middle School, 1st-8th grade (Adaba)
  • Dodola Middle School, 1st -8th grade (Dodola)
  • Dangambo Middle School, 1st -8th grade (Dodola)
  • Dodola High school, 9th -12th grade (Dodola)
  • Qacama Middle school, 1st -8th grade (Dodola)
  • Tulu Jara Elementary School, 1st -6th grade (Dodola)
  • Danaba Elementary School, 1st -6th grade (Dodola)
  • Mekane Yesus Elementary School, 1st -6th grade (Dodola)
  • Asasa Burkitu Primary School, 1st - 6th grades (Hasasa)
  • Biftu Bari Elementary & Middle School, 1st -10th grades (Hasasa)
  • Mujama Middle School, 1st -8th grades (Hasasa)
  • Bright Academy High School, 9th-12th grades (Hasasa)

I am a sponsor as a container captain to deliver a whole container of books to the distribution center, Adaba High School Library. When the container arrives at this library, the books and supplies will be distributed to the above beneficiary schools, and beyond schools and libraries. I have set a plan to fundraise in the community and beyond to accomplish my project goal.

After I visited different locations in the Oromia regions in 2018, the project I mentioned above took me to my old school; the Adaba High School where there are no English books in the library, and I decided to set up a goal to remodel the library in this high school and make this library as the distribution center, but it didn't happen until this year. This is the starting point; I want to expand my project to continue work on such projects through the partnership organizations to deliver millions of books & supplies to the areas that need the school resources.  Also, I will make several trips overseas in the future to visit more libraries and schools in person.

My family & I are donated $2,000 as a starting fund toward the Furtu Barnoota project goal.  Also, many individuals from the above schools’ communities are commuted to contribute toward this project.  I took this action because our global school communities are so poor and able to get the resources to provide a quality education for their students. Educational resources (books, Supplies and computers) are key to the success of education. My plan is to accomplish this project within the next few months and move to the next steps.  The Furtu Barnoota project partnership with the Books for Africa, we have already secured over $264,000 worth of up-to-date textbooks and quality books, and now all that remains is simply transporting these books for the Oromia regions to get them in the schools & Libraries.

I look forward to your support of this project and your contribution toward the success of my project.

Contact: Rufo Jiru, rjsheko@gmail.com