The Borena Girls Dream of Reading a Book - Ethiopia

Project Goal: $15,000

Current Progress: $11,643 (78.00%)

For a young pastoralist Borena girl living in southern Ethiopia 650 kms from the capital city Addis Ababa, reading a book is an extravagance task, more like passing a camel through the eye of a needle.  She has to surpass her role as a cattle shepherd for the family's livestock, her mother's assistant in domestic household chores with intention of grooming her to be a potential bride before reaching the age of 18! Not to mention her only hope is the access to school library, the nearest one about a half  day walk to Negelle Borana town. That is so if she has the blessing of her parents to go to elementary school where she can read, comprehend and understand the few books she can find there. The Atse Kaleb (Geda) elementary school, originally built by the Italians as a prison, is one such school, serving the community for the past 68 years. Currently there are 1028 students out of which 478 are female students from preschool up to grade six level.

A recent accidental fire incident, in November 2016, destroyed three-fourth of the school. The community, determined to act so that this grave incident shouldn't shatter their children's educational future, joined hands to build modest classrooms using the limited personal resource they have. The former alumni of the school, remembering their debt of this school in particular, and the Borana society at large, as the foundation of who they are today, in spite of its humble assets, gathered to rebuild the library, laboratory and computer room for students from preschool to grade 6 level. However, in view of the general lack of sufficient educational materials, books, reference materials and library across Ethiopia, in order to undertake and realize this noble but daunting vision the team is reaching the international community for cooperation and collaboration.  Please help make this project a success by donating today - thank you for your support!