Books for Muketuri/Selale (Anteneh Senbeta) - Ethiopia

Project Goal: $18,750

Current Progress: $1,100 (6.00%)

For a poor country such as Ethiopia, making books available in schools for millions of students is an expensive endeavor. On top of that, low internet penetration particularly in rural and semi-urban areas means students and teachers have less access to online reading materials. However, this can be changed by joining hands in the service of a sacred purpose-making books available to underprivileged kids. This project is set up to help kids imagine the best for themselves, for their families and for their communities.

Once the books are dispatched to the libraries, they will be available for students and teachers. Based on the rules of the libraries, students and teachers will be allowed to use the books for readings in the library as well as loan them for home readings.

We are deeply grateful for any contribution you make to this project, big or small.

Thank you!

Contact: Anteneh Senbeta,