Burundi English Book Project (Zenon Ndaruvukanye) - Burundi

Project Goal: $18,000

Current Progress: $9,483 (53.00%)

Dear brother/sister,

Thanks for the time you are taking to click on and read about our “Burundi English Book Project.”  Burundi is a very poor (the third poorest in the world) but very beautiful country (it is shaped like a heart), located in the heart of Africa.  It has often been referred to as just that, “The Heart of Africa” or “The Switzerland” of Africa because of its hills and mountains. Come see for yourself brother/sister.

This country in the shape of a heart has been bleeding since its independence in 1962.  It wasn’t until 2005 that it started its democratic healing process with a very young generation of leaders.  This generation is facing tremendous challenges, especially in the area of providing quality education.   Knowledge Is Power.

This is why we come to you, our Burundian and American Friends: for a donation to help us ship English books to this poor country.

Every dollar you can donate will go a mile long to helping rural kids have access to English books. Should you have a chance to visit the country in the future, we know you will see the difference your donation makes.  We say thank you for your kindness and donation.

Burundi Contact:  zendaruvu@yahoo.com

US Contact:
Joe Lee Frank jlfrankiii@gmail.com
Raphael Nkurunziza bonaph@gmail.com