BFA Shipments

Books For Africa receives new and used book donations from public and private schools, libraries, publishers, and individuals. We accept books at all age levels, from preschool (beginning reader) to post-secondary (college or university). Donated books are sorted and processed for shipping by volunteers.

Sea containers of books.

Books For Africa ships 40-foot and 20-foot sea containers of books. A 40-foot container holds approximately 22,000 primary and secondary books or 18,000 post-secondary books. A 20-foot container holds approximately 15,000 primary and secondary books or 12,000 post-secondary books. A box of primary and secondary books contains an average of 40 books, and a box of post-secondary books containers an average of 32 books. Books For Africa also offers refurbished computers, which can be purchased for an additional charge.

Books For Africa partners with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa that have the ability to clear a container at port and distribute the books in the recipient country. Past recipient organizations include schools and universities, churches, member clubs of Rotary International, and YWCAs. BFA books typically are delivered to local schools and universities, libraries, and community centers in Africa.

The NGO consignee in Africa is required to:

  • Pay the shipping costs—approximately $10,300 USD for a 40-foot container and to most major seaports in Africa (inland rates are higher). 
  • Provide all port documentation and pay all port and clearance costs, usually about $1,000 to $1,800 USD. 
  • Distribute the books in the recipient country.

Many recipient organizations in Africa have a financial sponsor. View the Fundraising page to see how past recipients have funded their containers. Feel free to contact us for more information about BFA shipments.

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