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What happens to a container of Books For Africa books once it arrives in Africa? What kind of impact will your donation have on the lives of children in Africa?

Here are some photos and stories about BFA shipments as well as recent news about our organization. 

Publishers Weekly profiles BFA-Little Free Library partnership

Both individually and together, two Upper Midwest nonprofit organizations are reaching beyond America’s heartland to fulfill their mission of making books accessible to all. In 1988 Books for Africa was founded in St. Paul, Minn. Little Free Library was founded in Hudson, Wis., in 2009 and works on all seven continents. The two have partnered on shipping books to Africa for distribution to schools and libraries there since 2013. Read more>>

50,000 French and English Books arrive in Senegal


Two containers carrying 50,000 books have been delivered to Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal thanks to the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation and The Nichols Foundation!  These books are being distributed to schools and libraries across the country, including the "Bibliothèque Maleme Niani," as described below:

Peace Corps volunteer Lauren Thomas tells BFA "thank you again for working with Peace Corps to bring books to rural villages in Senegal. The gift of knowledge is immeasurable and my community gives you many blessings! The villagers of Maleme Niani were eager to learn and grow through eduction, but they lacked the proper resources. Peace Corps and local community group AJSDN partnered to construct a full-functioning library in the joint middle school/high school. The local school not only serves the 3000-person village, but also students from rural villages within a 50km radius. Students and villagers alike are welcome to come and gain knowledge and empowerment through the simple act of checking out a book. The first of its kind in the area, Bibliothèque Maleme Niani will have profound effects on community and youth development."

BFA strives to continue working with our outstanding partners to impact communities such as Maleme Niani across the African continent, furthering our mission of ending the book famine in Africa!

French Language Books en route to Guinea

Voila! 27,000 new French books are en route from France to our partners in Guinea through a shipment made possible by the generosity of the Nichols Foundation and fundraising by Caleb Wilson. The books will be received by the charity Hope of Guinea and the U.S. Peace Corps, who are committed to distributing them to 25 communities that are eager to continue teaching and inspiring despite the Ebola outbreak.

2014 BFA Warehouse Party a rockin' good time!


Books For Africa's annual warehouse party was held on Saturday, September 27th, and the turnout was fantastic!  We host this event each year in honor of the volunteers and supporters that allow us to continue working to end the book famine in Africa;with over 300 friends of BFA in attendance it was great to give back to those who make our work possible!

                                                                             photos: Zach Forstrom
                                                   for more event photos from Zach Forstrom click here

Many thanks to all those who attended the annual BFA Warehouse Party at the Minnesota warehouse! Guests enjoyed great music from BFA's own Warehouse Band & other local artists (the McFarlane Brothers of Ipso Facto, Erik Koskinen & Mile One), free drinks, and delicious Afro-Italiano fusion food truck fare from Cave Cafe. Special thanks to our sponsor Amara Wines!

                                                                           photo: Judy Hawkinson
                                                  for more event photos from Judy Hawkinson click here

Fox 9 reports on the 2014 Books For Africa Warehouse Party:


BFA books arrive in Democratic Republic of the Congo


On September 27th, 2014 the Congo American Language Institute (CALI), an Embassy owned English language school, hosted an event for over 200 local Kinshasa schools with around 300 English language teachers in attendance for the distribution of materials from Books For Africa. In attendance were the U.S. Ambassador, Vice Minister of Education, and Ms. Ellen Masi - the public Affairs Officer from the Embassy. All of the speakers praised the work of Books for Africa. In addition to the 200 schools in Kinshasa, this project will also distribute books to rural areas of the DRC, with a goal of getting books to all regions of the country. This shipment was made possible by the generous support of the Rotary Club of Northfield, MN, USA and Out of Print Clothing.

Bryce Smedley, PhD, a Senior English Language Fellow with the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa tells BFA that "[the] teachers were overwhelmed with emotion. One teacher told me this was the first time she has ever received books for free, and that these will be the first books for his school...I want to personally thank you and your team. Your projects make a real difference in Africa! The book distribution on Saturday was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. Every single participant continued to thank me and praise the work of this project." 

Books For Africa is grateful to Dr. Smedley and the CALI team in the DRC, the Northfield Rotary Club, and Out of Print for their combined efforts in making this project an overwhelming success! 

See the official press release from the US Embassy in Kinshasa announcing the book distribution project here.

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Books For Africa helps alleviate poverty of the imagination where imagination is most needed—where war and hunger, corruption and injustice seek to crush inspiration.

— Alexandra Fuller, author of the bestselling book Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight