Law Book Donation Guidelines

What kinds of law books are we looking for? View our Law Book Donation Guidelines.

Thomson Reuters generously provides West core law libraries for BFA shipments. Pricing can be found by downloading the latest BFA Book Order Form.

The "West core law library" consists of a Resource module of over 200 titles. Many of the titles are multiple volume text or treatise books, and there are about 550 individual books in the library. In addition to the core library there is a Nutshell Series module of about 120 titles, and a Human Rights/International Law module of about 35 titles. Except for the Nutshell Series, virtually all the books are hardcover. These books were selected after reviewing lists of requested subjects from 5 African law schools and 1 bar association.

Resource module: These books span the breadth of legal subjects, and focus on 3 areas:

* common law:
These are subjects such as contracts, torts, criminal law, property, constitutional law, and civil procedure that are taught in virtually all law schools worldwide where the study of law is modeled, even in part, after the British legal system.

* business law
These books include all the major areas of business law including patents and intellectual property law.

* legal practice
These books cover the range of topics of the legal process such as how to be an effective lawyer, negotiations, trial skills, legal ethics, legal and legislative drafting, citation use, and legal advocacy.

Human Rights: This module of about 35 titles contains almost every book that Thomson Reuters publishes on human rights and international law subjects.

Nutshell Series: These are over 120 soft-cover books on that many subjects "in a nutshell." Each book presents a succinct exposition of the law of a particular subject in a compact format for convenient reference.

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